About Felicità Wine Company

Felicità Wine Company was founded by Feli Ortega, who fell in love with the beauty of the wine country long before she had an appreciation for wine. Perhaps it was growing up around vineyards or her pilgrimages to world-renowned wine regions or working with award-winning winery architects that developed her affinity towards vineyards and the winemaking process. Whatever the influence, she ultimately found herself producing wine in 2015. Since then, Felicità Wine Company has consistently enriched its portfolio with a diverse range of varietals, all meticulously sourced from the renowned Lodi wine region in California.

In Italian, Felicità (feh-lee-chee-TAH) means Happiness. After discovering mindfulness through meditation, Feli strongly believes in the power of one's mindset and that, when given the choice, Choosing Happiness makes life easier if not more fun.